Number 02 / 2022, Volume IX (LXXIII), Issue 2

An Example of National Case Law on Moral Damages in the Field of Virtual Communities and Data Protection - Silviu-Dorin Şchiopu
Compliance with the Principle of Legality in the Pronunciation of a Judicial Decision for Trademark Offenses - Marinescu Delia-Mihaela
Specific Legal Provisions Established During the State of Pandemic - Dragoş Lucian Rădulescu
Protection of Children's Cognitive Integrity - a Legal and Educational Context. TikTok case - Dana Volosevici, Dragoș Grigorescu
Students’ Motivation and Satisfaction in a School that Learns - Simona Eftimie
Specialist Practice - A Relevant Learning Experience for Students - Alina Mărgărițoiu
Student Perspective on Teaching and Learning in Real Science and Humanities: A Comparative Study - Iulia Adelina Ghiță
Analysis of the Usefulness of Specialist Practice in Shaping Students' Professional Identity - Alina Mărgărițoiu, Simona Eftimie
The Dilemma of Teaching in the Digital Era: Artificial Intelligence. Risks And Challenges for Education - Iulia Adelina Ghiță, Angela Stan
Family Involvement in Extracurricular Activities Aimed to Support Children Educationally and Emotionally - Corina Iurea
Ecological Behaviour- Result of Ecological Education in Primary School - Carmen Raluca Bănică
Educational Implications of the Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation and Neuroethics - Dragoș Grigorescu
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