Number 01 / 2023, Volume X (LXXIV), Issue 1

Procrastination on Master Students - Simona Eftimie, Alina Mărgărițoiu
Virtual Professional Identity, Legal and Ethical Aspects. A Conceptual Framework - Dragoș Grigorescu, Dana Volosevici
The Pedagogy Pill - An Alternative Approach to Preschool Education - Iulia Adelina Ghiță
Specialized Practice - An Opportunity for Students to Reflect on Their Experiential Learning - Alina Mărgărițoiu, Simona Eftimie
The Imbalance Between Professional Life and the Couple Relationship - Corina Iurea
Child Education Between State and Society. The Influence of the Environment - Iulia Adelina Ghiță, Cătălina Szekely
Tourists as Stakeholders. For a Better Tourist Involvement in Promoting Sustainable Tourism - Gheorghe Dan Isbășoiu
Transmission of the Right of Option Regarding the Acquisitive Prescription to the Universal Heirs, Respectively to Those with Universal Title - Georgeta-Bianca Spîrchez, Ștefania-Mădălina Brebeanu
Considerations on the Persons that Can Determine the Manner of the Funeral in the Light of the ECHR Judgment from 23 May 2023 in the Case of Buhuceanu and Others vs. Romania - Silviu-Dorin Şchiopu
Incorrect Commercial Practices Regarding Consumer Information - Dragoş Lucian Rădulescu
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